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So many uses for the Original Oint Mitt!

Use A​nywhere





*Golf Course





*Sporting Events

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Use To Apply






*Essential Oils



*Sunless Tanning Creams

* Bronzing Lotions

*Insect Repellent

*For Your Pet-Flea/Tick Meds/Powders

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Extra Benefits


*Machine Washable & Dryer Safe

*Use Less Product-Zero Waste

*Provides Smooth Application

*Easy To Use

*Easy To Clean

*Keeps Jewelry Clean

*Hang It

*Fold It

*Pack It

*Gift It

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HOW TO USE: It is meant to easily slip on your hand, apply the product being used, rub on and massage into the area. Then simply slip the Oint Mitt onto the other hand and continue to rub the rest of your body.  When finished simply slip off and rinse.

Your order will co​me with an application stick for using products that comes from a jar or canister. 

Apply products faster, easier and with less waste. 

Great For Your

Therapy Ointments & Rubs

The Oint Mitt is an excellent way to pamper your skin with these and many other terrific balms but keep them off of your palms.


This photo shows a sample of the medicinal ointments

tested with the Oint Mitt.

Great For Your Essential Oils

Whatever your recipe consists of

the Oint Mitt is a fantastic way to

make use of every drop.

This photo shows a sample of the carrier oils and some

essential oils tested with the Oint Mitt.

Great To Use Anywhere that you 

can't easily wash your hands

Whether you are by the pool, the beach, at home or on vacation-the Oint Mitt travels like a champ.

Chain it on, pack it or fold it.